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Quitting Drinking Is Easy
Part 2

That’s right.

I said it again.

Quitting drinking is easy.

In Part 1, we talked about how I struggled to quit for a long, long time.

But that’s because I was doing it wrong.

I tried using willpower, which is a huge mistake.

Using willpower to quit any habit never brings permanent relief.

When you remove your desire, willpower isn’t necessary.

In Part 1, we also talked about how your desire sits upon a mountain of beliefs that probably aren’t true for you when you examine them.

Once you remove your desire, quitting something you don’t want is as easy as it gets.

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For some people, examining and redefining your beliefs about alcohol is all you need to make it easy to break your habit and quit drinking.

But for people like me, there’s still more to do.

Many of us drink to temporarily escape our unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Drinking is a tool we use to help us survive.

Our drinking isn’t just a habit we’ve lost control of.

We aren’t concerned about using alcohol as a reward, to sleep better, or to fit in.

And we don’t care how much damage drinking is causing us.

As long as we can escape the pain of the thoughts that seem to constantly haunt us, we’re willing to endure all of the awful things that come with drinking.


It doesn’t matter what the source of these painful thoughts is, and it’s different for everybody.

The need for temporary relief from these thoughts and feelings outweighs all the additional bad things we create by drinking.

We can’t find relief any other way.

We try.

But if you’re like I was, you believe quitting isn’t the answer.

I used to think drinking was the only thing that made my life tolerable.

But I was doing it wrong.

And so are you.

It’s wasn’t my fault, and it isn’t your fault either.

It’s nobody’s fault.

Almost every well-intentioned program and method to help you stop drinking fails people like us.

These programs focus on relieving the symptoms and ignore the elephant in the room, the cause.

(Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash)

Trying to quit without addressing the thoughts and feelings we’re trying to escape will never bring the lasting relief we’re searching for.

Any method or program that doesn’t address the cause of our drinking will eventually fail.

Most programs don’t possess the tools or the method to follow that empowers us to take back control of our lives.

They don’t know how to empower us to change what created the need for the habit.

They don’t know how to help us change our thoughts, feelings, actions, or results.

They don’t address the cause of our drinking and enable us to create the long-lasting change and control we’ve been searching for. 

Without that critical piece, we’re stuck.

Think of treating the symptoms and not the cause of your drinking like this. 

You wouldn’t treat the pain you feel from a broken arm with just an aspirin, would you? 

Of course not. 

The pain is just a symptom you’re feeling from having a broken arm.

If you want to eliminate the pain completely, you need to set the broken arm so it heals permanently and stops creating the pain you’re feeling.

That’s why learning how to replace an old habit with a new habit isn’t enough. 

It never ends. 

The cause of and the need for the habit is still there.

It’s like a weed that keeps growing back. 

You need to pull it up by the roots to eliminate it, and the root cause of your drinking isn’t a habit you lost control of.

The often overlooked but critical piece is the thoughts and feelings you’re trying to avoid or create by drinking.

When I finally found something that effectively addressed both the symptoms AND the cause, I was all in.

Much to my surprise, that something was Life Coaching.

What Life Coaching taught me made quitting so much easier than I expected or even thought possible.

I was so blown away by how fast and effective my transformation was, I had to learn everything necessary to become a Life Coach.

After a lifetime of looking for a way to regain control of my drinking, how could I not share this powerful process and help other people like me?

I enrolled in the best life coaching school and dedicated myself to learning everything I could to help people like me free themselves from their drinking habits and the pain, confusion, and shame they experience.

I’m proud to say that I’m here to help you too. 

I want to show you how to free yourself from the false prison you think you’re trapped in.

The thoughts you choose and the behavior patterns you’ve developed can make it feel like there’s no escape. 

I know this because I was trapped there too.  

I did and felt everything you have done and felt.

I tried everything, but nothing worked except this.

You hold the key.

(Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash)

The same key you used to lock yourself in that prison is the one that will set you free.

I would be honored to be the one to show you how to use that very same key to free yourself to have the life you’ve always wanted.

The key is your thoughts.

Let me show you how to change them and change your life.

It’s easier than you think.


Click here and I’ll show you how quitting will be easy for you too.

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