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Quitting drinking isn't the hard part, is it?

I quit hundreds of times, and you probably have too.

Keeping your commitment is the hard part.

When I finally changed the way I think about myself and alcohol, stopping drinking permanently was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

And I want to help you make taking control of your drinking simple, straightforward, and effortless too.

So I put together a FREE video that gives you 16 Essential, Easy-To-Follow Tips to help you do it.

And the reason they work is that they’re thought-based, not action based.

Every List Of Tips I've Seen Focuses On The Wrong Thing

They give you a list of actions to take, like…

  • - Get rid of the alcohol in your house.
  • - Plan activities that don’t involve drinking.
  • - Avoid people, places, and things.

But these tips don’t work if you haven’t changed the way you think.

You still feel urges and cravings to drink even when you remove every drop of alcohol from your home.

And eventually, you go out and buy some more.

But when you change your thoughts about yourself and alcohol, it won’t matter if there’s alcohol in every room of your house or anywhere else you go.

You won’t want to drink.

Changing The Way You Think Is The Key.

And These 16 Tips Get You Thinking In The Right Direction.

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As You Begin To Use These Tips...

You’ll notice that the way you think about yourself and alcohol is changing.

As a result, you’re cravings to drink change too.

They aren’t as frequent and intense as they used to be.

Saying no to alcohol without feeling deprived is getting easier.

And saying yes to the life you want becomes effortless.

The more you practice the tips, the more natural it feels to be an alcohol-free non-drinker.

You May Be Thinking, “Stopping Drinking Will Never Be Easy.”

I thought the same the for over 30 years.

But I was doing it wrong.

And you probably are too.

Trying to change your actions without changing the thoughts that create them will never work.

Everything you’ve tried so far approaches the problem from the wrong direction.

Practicing these thought-based tips is completely different from everything else you’ve tried.

When you change your thoughts about yourself and alcohol, you eliminate your desire to drink.

Without desire, there is no temptation.

Without temptation, there’s no addiction.

Stopping drinking becomes smooth, easy, and natural.

It's Time To Try Again

Every single person that quit drinking completely has been right where you are.

They doubted they could do it.

And they all had one other thing in common too.

They had hope.

You don’t have to believe it’s a done deal, and you'll never drink again.

All you need is a little sliver of hope.

Maybe, just maybe, this will work.

Take that little bit of hope and these 16 tips, and I promise your life can change too.

The 16 Essential Tips are FREE and the perfect first step to begin living the life you’ve always wanted.

What have you got to lose?

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Who Am I?

My name is Joe Vilardo, and I help people stop drinking alcohol so they can take back control of their life. 

I struggled to take control of my drinking for over 30 years. I tried everything from AA, rehab, self-help books, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists.

Nothing brought the lasting relief and control I wanted. 

But once I changed my thoughts about myself and alcohol, I took complete control of my drinking immediately.

It was the easiest, most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done.

My mission is to help you take complete control of your drinking too.

I put this list of 16 Essential, Easy-To-Follow, Thought-Based tips together to help you cultivate the resilience and self-compassion you need to stop drinking permanently.


What Will Your Life Be Like
When You’re Completely FREE From Alcohol?

Can you see it?

You will NEVER wake up hungover again.

Every relationship you have will improve.

What would it feel like?

Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling pride because you finally did it.

What can you accomplish now that you aren’t handcuffed by alcohol?

How would your career change?

How would your family life change?

How would your health change?

Who can you become?

Don’t you think it’s time to find out?