How To Get More Stuff

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We all want more.

We want new things.

We want more stuff.

We want to grow and develop.

We want to see progress in our lives in every way we can.

When we aren’t where we want to be or don’t have the things we want, we tend to approach having the new thing from a place of lack and absence.

Our mindset is firmly planted in a place of not having, discontentment, and dissatisfaction.

It’s not planned.

It’s not intentional.

But we start rooted in a negative mindset.

While it’s natural to start from here, it isn’t helpful to stay here.

The next time you want something new and feel a negative emptiness, stop yourself.

Shift your thoughts to an appreciation for what you already have.

Deliberately focus on being grateful for all you already are and everything you’ve already achieved and have.

Make a mental list and repeat it.

The more your gratitude list resembles the new thing you want, the better.

For instance, let’s say the thing you want is to achieve some form of success in your business or professional life.

Make a list of all the business and professional achievements you’ve already accomplished.

Write them down.

(Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

Big and small.

If the new thing you want to do or be seems difficult, make a list of difficult things you’ve already done.

If you’re struggling to compile your list, it may help to remember that many things you accomplished seem easy now because they’re done.

Think back to how you viewed them before you started.

Try to view them through the eyes of someone who hasn’t done them yet.

Every accomplishment you’ve ever made is noteworthy.

Write them all down and review your list.

Notice how your new thoughts change how you’re feeling.

It’s instantaneous.

You’ll notice a shift from feeling discontentment and defeated to feeling motivated.

Your new feelings will drive the type of actions that make having the new thing possible.

The negative feelings that come from thoughts of discontentment and dissatisfaction will never drive actions that promote the creation of something desired.

Choosing to focus on thoughts that leave you frustrated about what’s missing will never lead to actions that empower you to produce what you want.

Creating your desires always starts with a thought that generates a feeling that drives the actions that produce the result you want.

Deliberately choose your thoughts, and you’ll have all the stuff you want.

Everything starts with a thought.

Choose yours wisely.

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