"Let today be the day you give up who you've been for who you will become"

- Hal Elrod

Are you stuck in a cycle of over-drinking and breaking promises to quit or cut back?

Do you want to make alcohol a nonissue and feel good again?

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Whether your goal is to stop after one drink or stop forever, the FREE 7-Day Challenge gives you everything you need to
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Each day of the Challenge you'll receive a video full of the most effective tips and mindset hacks to give you the greatest opportunity to create the success and control you want.

Taking a break from drinking isn’t about eliminating alcohol from your life. It’s about replacing your drinking habit with new, healthier habits by replacing your old thoughts with new, healthier thoughts.

The skills you develop, the new habits you create, and the results you get will last long past the 7-Day Challenge.





You'll receive the daily support you need to conquer your first 7-Day stretch alcohol-free.

Each day you’ll receive an email and video full of the latest and best tips, tools, and techniques for creating new, healthier habits. I’ll help you break down the habits that have held you back and show you how to create new ones that serve you best. I’ll teach you the most effective methods for replacing your old habits so adopting your new habits feels effortless.


You’ll receive the most simple, effective instruction on how to change your mindset and unlock your greatest asset, the thoughts you choose to think.

The most powerful tool you have is your mind, and I’ll show you how to use your thoughts to create any result you want. Not only will this fundamentally new perspective and control propel you through the FREE 7-Day Challenge, but it’s yours to keep forever. You can apply it to create any result you want whenever you choose for the rest of your life.


I’ll walk you through this uniquely effective process, one easy-to-follow step at a time.

All along the way, I’ll challenge the beliefs you have about alcohol and drinking that have kept you stuck where you are. Does drinking really help you sleep or have more fun? Does alcohol really help you relax after a long day? I’ll show the absolute truth behind these false beliefs and give you the information you need to take a break from drinking and take back control of your life permanently.


Most stop drinking challenges and programs focus solely on creating new habits and ignore the elephant in the room - the thoughts and feelings you want to avoid or create that caused the need to develop your drinking habit in the first place.

Eliminate what created the need for the habit, and you’ll eliminate the reason you’re drinking.

While developing new habits to replace your old habits is an essential part of the process, addressing and removing the cause is the critical piece that will bring you the long-lasting change and control you really want.

That’s the key difference between this challenge and coaching program and other stop drinking challenges and programs. My FREE 7-Day Challenge and the Coaching Program address both the symptoms AND the cause.


Think of it like this. You wouldn't treat the pain you feel from having a broken arm with just aspirin, would you? 

Of course not. 

Taking aspirin only provides temporary relief from the symptoms of the pain you feel. It doesn’t address the cause of the problem.

If you want to eliminate your pain completely, you need to set your broken arm in a cast so it heals permanently and stops creating the pain you're feeling.

You need to treat the cause to eliminate the symptoms.

Taking an aspirin for a broken arm is the same as using willpower to change your behavior. It only provides temporary “relief” from your symptoms. 

It doesn’t address the cause of the problem and your desire to drink.

You need to treat the cause to eliminate the symptoms.

You need to change the thoughts and feelings you have that are creating your desire to drink. 

Your thoughts are like a weed that keeps growing back. You need to pull them out roots and all to eliminate them.

The root cause of your drinking isn't a habit or behavior you lost control of.

The thoughts you're choosing and feelings you're trying to avoid or create is the piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked and rarely addressed.

Permanent success comes from eliminating your desire.


Because you’ll probably need a few aspirins while your broken arm heals, I’ll address the symptoms by giving you detailed steps to follow and the easiest, most effective way to replace your drinking habit with new, healthier habits.

AND together, we’ll uncover the root cause of your drinking and build your awareness of the thoughts and feelings driving the reasons you drink in the first place.

Through your new awareness and understanding comes the ability to change and retake control of your drinking and your life permanently.

Addressing the symptoms AND the cause in the FREE 7-Day Challenge and the Coaching Program gives you back all the power and control you need to take a break from drinking or quit completely. The choice is yours to make as you wish.

"Over the past 25 years, I progressed from being a social drinker to drinking as a way to cope with everything. I moved from wanting a drink occasionally to feeling the need to drink almost every day, and it was wrecking my life. I signed up for the video series and to coach with Joe, but I wasn't very optimistic. Nothing I tried before had worked.

I can't explain how glad I am that I did this. Joe helped me change everything. He helped me change my life. I quit drinking completely, and it was way easier than I thought it would be. I don’t feel the need to drink anymore, and on the rare occasion I do get an urge, I know how exactly how to deal with it. I can’t thank Joe enough for helping me get my life back."

John B



When you make just this one change, you will become the happiest, healthiest, and most effective version of yourself.


You will sleep significantly better every night, and you will be more productive every day


Your self-esteem and pride will soar because you’ve taken back control of your life


You’ll lose weight, feel remarkably better, and have more energy


You’ll have more time to do what you love with those you love the most


You will notice a substantial improvement in your mood and your bank account


Every relationship you have will change for the better, especially your relationship with you


Be sure to read this disclaimer...

Most programs designed to help you take back control of your drinking don’t work very well at all. You may be surprised to learn the success rate of 12-step programs is only between 5 to 10%.

Not what you expect to hear about the most widely known stop drinking program many people believe is their best and only option.

There are many reasons why these 12-step programs have such poor results, but the main reason is their focus on the negative. These programs make alcohol the enemy and require you to identify yourself as a powerless alcoholic or addict now and forever.

They don’t consider how little or much you drink or whether you want to quit or just slow down for a while. They don’t view a slip-up as an opportunity to learn and grow; they view it as a failure and move the calendar back to zero.

With this negative focus, it’s no surprise that nearly 90% of 12-step program participants give up within the first three months.

The FREE 7-Day Challenge Video Series
and the Coaching Program FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE,
which is why simimilar programs have over a 90% success rate.

From day one, you’re encouraged to view yourself as the person you want to become, and slip-ups aren’t considered a failure. Slip-ups are an expected part of the learning process we all go through.

We’ll never look backward with judgment. Compassion is our greatest tool.

You and I will only use your past to learn from, and together we’ll move forward with positive expectations.

Success comes from equipping you with the most effective tools and techniques to form healthy habits and from showing you exactly how to choose the thoughts that will create the results you want right now.

The FREE 7-Day Challenge and the Coaching Program will empower you to take control of your drinking and take back your life permanently.


"Joe is a brilliant coach, and he really helped me to question so many of the beliefs I had about myself that I thought were just true. He was able to help me see more clearly my own potential and how to believe in me. His relaxed, non-judgemental way of coaching helped me feel safe and comfortable opening up about some of the parts of me I was inclined to keep hidden. The results I've had while coaching with Joe have changed my life. I would recommend him to anyone."

Brian N


Each day you’ll receive an email with a link to a video full of the most effective tips, and mindset hacks
to give you the greatest opportunity to create the success and control you want. 


Day 1

  • You'll discover how to use your most powerful asset to create any result you want.
  • You'll discover two simple yet essential tools to success and learn exactly how to use them.
  • You learn how to use slip-ups to propel you forward.
  • You'll also receive a Bonus PDF: 10 Essential Tips To Take A Break From Drinking & Take Back Your Life.

Day 2

  • You'll discover how to use your urges to drink to build your awareness of why you drink so you can take control permanently.
  • You'll learn how to measure your success one urge at a time.
  • Plus you'll receive a Bonus PDF: How To Allow & Feel An Urge Without Acting On It.

Day 3

  • You'll discover how to make accomplishing your goal easy by unlocking the power of your big reason why.

Day 4

  • You’ll discover how to use the most effective tool to uncover the thoughts you are thinking that lead to the feelings you’re having that drive the action of you drinking so you can take control permanently.

Day 5

  • You’ll learn how to do the one simple thing I did that permanently eliminated the main reason I drank. It’s as easy to do as separating facts from…

Day 6

  • You’ll finally understand why you drink when you don’t want to, and you'll learn how to fix it forever.

Day 7

  • You’ll discover what to do next to take advantage of the momentum you’ve created over the past week so you can take complete control of your drinking permanently.